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Homework Answers 

(based on booklet in menu)


p 4

p 7

Essay to help you understand pressure and also related to p7

Extra KMT/Pressure stencil 2014-15

Extra Atmospheric Pressure Problems

2013-14 If you forgot or never learned sig figs, you need this.

2013-14: Also see textbook p 394 for sig figs section


Chemistry of Dry Ice

The Candle

Gas Laws p11(#1-6)

p 12-14 (#7 to 20)

Stuck on p12 #5? 

The Kelvin Scale

Demos Explained


Gas Laws p 11 to p14

Sig Fig HW

(In class SF stencil)

KMT Problems from Textbook

Gas Law Simulations

(minor error: unless they fixed it already, names of laws reversed)

PV Animated


Nice superslow video of liquid oxygen.


Avoid Volume to Mass Errors

Stoichiometry p 18

Tricky Avogadro Problem from Board 

Answers to 0 Kelvin Questions by Clara and Jeyachandran

Ideal Gas Law 22

Partial Pressurep23

Extra Gas Law Stencil


Energy p30


Extra Stencil (Exo-Endo and Bonds Extra Exercise)

Ice Sticks?!

Exothermic Plants!


Hess p35

Estimating Bond Energies p37-39

2015 Strike Package


Underestimating James Bond's Energies

Calorimetry p44-45

Extra Calorimetry p46

Calorimetry Online Lab


Rates Intro p49-50


Combustion p53-54

Neat--- the deep bass pulses air across the base of the flame, cooling it enough to extinguish it.

Factors p57

Catalyst Inhibitor Stencil

Rates and Mummies

How Penicillin Works

More Rate Factors p60-61

Animation of Speed Distribution

The ‘rosette’ spots of a jaguar can be reproduced by two coupled activator–inhibitor processes.


Mechanism p64


Photosynthesis Diagram

A chromatogram with a 50-50 mixture of acetone-alcohol reveals that photosystems consist of more than 1 pigment (from


Application of rates p68-69



More Rate Constant, Mechanism Practice

Other rate problems

Rate Mechanism and Photosynthesis Slide Show

Extra Notes to help you with HW

How to calculate average chalk rate consumption in g/min. Think. It's easy

Equil'm intro p76

EXAM and Summary Marks


Le Chatelier79-81

Equil'm Subtleties

Equilibrium: complete notes

Cool Stuff (see bottom of their page) 

Kc p 86-87

Extra Questions12&16

Ksp p92

Killer Ksp p93


pH pOH p98-99



KaKb p106-07 


KA and KBStencil


Chem Review Game Questions


Oxidation Numbers p112 

Spreadsheet Exercise in Computer Room

Oxidized/Reduced p115

rest of p115

Here is some time lapse photography to reveal how silver crystals grow from the reduction of silver ions and the oxidation of copper. I used one frame per 11 seconds.

Balancing p118

The missing 2 f, g

Redox and Sunken Treasure

Oxidizing Agents p121

Oxidizing and Reducing Agents in Crime Lab 

Electrochemical Cells p124

Electron Competition p128


New Booklet: A Much Closer Look at Atomic Structure

June 2008 Answers

In class Review

p134 Batteries

A Much Closer Look at Atomic Structure

 is not 

More Ksp PracticeAnswers


June 2013 Answers


June 2008 Answers

June 2012 Answers MC(1-7) , 89 ,10111213141516 ,17, 18, 19, 19part2chem joke


Textbook Answers

KMT p51,62



Pretest 1.1(questions)

Pretest 1.1(answers)



Essay About Pressure Differences

extra questions

Avoid Volume to Mass Errors

(also do #12 from pretest 1.1 above)

Ideal, Partial Pressure, Speed p113, 123

Molar Enthalpy, Bond Energies p163,169

2015-16 Pretest 1.2 (No answers)

2015-16 Pretest 1.2 (Answers)

2015-16 Lab Pretest(no Answers)

2015-16 Lab Pretest( Answers)

2015-16 Mini Pretest 1.3 (no answers)

2015-16 Mini Pretest 1.3 (with answers)

Dog-Inspired #11


Calorimetry p146

Ae and more cal (For #19 consult the appendix on page 420 in the textbook)

2015-16 Pretest 2.1 Questions

2015-16 Pretest 2.1 Answers

Democracy selected Hess Law and Bond Energies as flashback questions.



2015-16 Pretest 2.2

Rate Ratios Practice

One of the Review Games Used

January 2016 Lab Exam Pretest


2012-13 Pretest 2.1

2012-13 lab portion of pretest 2.1

Old Lab Pretest

Chem Review Game Questions

Chem Review Game Answers

More Pretest 2.2 

Type Questions


Difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis





p208 (textbook)

p306, p338(flashback,textbook)

p352 (more redox)


Pretest 3.1(2016) Questions..

Answers to Pretest 3.1(2016) 

Slide Show Questions

Pretest 3.2 (2016) Questions Only

Pretest 3.2(2016) Answers # 1-8

and Pretest 3.2(2016) Ans#9-11

Animation of Weak Acids versus Strong Acids

Pretest 3.3 (2016) Part 1 Questions Only (ignore flashback)

Pretest 3.3 (2016) Answers

(ignore flashback; new ones will be posted soon)

2016 Lab Exam Pretest

Pretest 3.4 2016 Lab Portion

Pretest 3.4 2016 Lab Portion (answers)

Pretest 3.4 2015

Pt 3.4 Answers 2015




Old Pretests

Pretest 3.3 (2014) Just the questions

Pretest 3.3 (2014) Answers & questions

Pretest 3.4 (2014) Questions/Scroll For Answers


(2013)for pretest 3.4:

do no. 6 and 7 of Pretest 4.2 &


(also study corrosion and have a look at in-class exercises:

2013 Exam Review: Offbeat and Easier Questions


pretest 3.3 (2015) Part 2 flashback

pretest 3.3 (2015) Part 2 flashback answers

2015 Lab Pretest.....

Lab Answers& Slide Show(updated Tues May 19, 2015. More slides and notes


Flashback 1



Flashback 2



Flashback 3 



2012 Lab Exam Study Questions and Notes


Steve's Pavel Redox Analogy


Extension(not part of course)

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